There will be no Access AfterSchool programs held until further notice

April 22, 2020 - Due to the evolving health orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is impossible to predict whether BoostCamp will take place this summer and if so, what requirements might dictate as far as program implementation.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate this ever-changing landscape and will do our very best to update all concerned as we gain clarity in the coming weeks.  If you would like to apply for your child to attend BoostCamp in the event it takes place, please complete this online application

Due to Governor Polis' executive order for school closures in the state of Colorado, there will be no after school programming for the remainder of the school year.  During the Governor's Stay at Home Order, it can be difficult to provide activities for your family to do at home.  Access AfterSchool has compiled a list of online resources for parents and students to use as an activity guide during this challenging time at home.

We look forward to returning to providing after school and summer programming to youth in our valleys just as soon as it is deemed appropriate.  Stay safe everyone!


We are committed to enriching  the lives of youth, supporting working families, and building healthy communities by providing high-quality after school and summer programs.


We envision communities in which youth are connected to their peers, families, mentors, and the community at large; where youth feel a sense of belonging, are socially and emotionally supported, are inspired to explore their interests, and are empowered for the future.

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"It was great to finally have an after school option. I really hope it is offered again this year."


- SecondShift Parent


Building Healthy Communities

Research shows that the afterschool hours are critical to the health, well-being and success of youth.  Access’ evaluation shows that participating in Access’ programs provides many direct benefits to youth, including improved work habits, social skills and standardized test scores, as well as a lower incidence of misconduct.  As a result, Access helps to ensure that youth are healthy, engaged and successful in school, which strengthens families and communities throughout our region.


Teaming Up for Student Success

Access believes that collaboration is the foundation for a strong community.  Since 2009, Access has partnered with hundreds of professional civic organizations to instruct in its programs. Recently, Access and Junior Achievement partnered to provide two classes at Ross Montessori School. These classes help prepare young students for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace.

Integrating Academics & Enrichment


Core academic concepts are woven into the lesson plans for enrichment classes.  This approach allows students to apply the academic content they learn during the school day to their lives through active enrichment activities. Instructors weave creative applications of academic content into class activities, such as having students in a cooking class calculate cutting a recipe’s ingredient measurements by multiplying fractions.  

Fostering Positive Youth Development 

Access’ philosophy is that youth thrive when offered experiences that spark passion and encourage movement and creativity. These experiences help youth develop skills that encourage personal growth, community connection, academic success, and an appreciation for arts, culture, and healthy living. 

Over 97% of participants reported being: happier, more creative, more confident and having a better attitude due to their participation in Access’ programs.

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