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Access AfterSchool's

Accelerate (XLR8)

Access AfterSchool’s Accelerate (XLR8) is an afterschool academic and enrichment program for elementary school students. Instructors facilitate academic and enrichment programming over the course of a semester based on the needs of their students. The program is offered three or four days a week depending on the school. It is during after school hours at the same school your student currently attends and lasts 1.5 hours. Instructors meet their students after having a snack with the Liaison. Class sizes averages 1 instructor to 8 students (maximum 1:10). There is no cost to families at this time. For XLR8 you will be responsible for picking up your student from their after school program.  Please contact your after school liaison if you know you will be excessively late. 

Please click on the name of your school to link to registration. 


Programs are currently offered at the following locations: 

Parents are extremely satisfied with AccessAfterschool. In fact, parent satisfaction rates exceed 97%. Recently, SecondShift parents have shared:

  • “My son was involved in the activity and was excited to stay in the program.”

  • “My son loved this class!”

  • “Thank you and keep it going, please!”

With these important positive impacts, it is clear that AccessAfterSchool makes a significant and valuable contribution to the youth and communities it serves.

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