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Beginner Fencing

Attack, parry, riposte! Learn the basics of Olympic foil fencing with Roaring Fork Fencers Club this fall. Master bladework and footwork as you explore what it means to be a modern day sword fighter. Beginner class offers a comprehensive foundation while still emphasizing fun, creating connections, and promoting sportsmanship.

With safety statistics in line with swimming and cross-country skiing, fencing is a great choice for cross-training and as a long-term, sustainable sport. Come find your passion in one of the founding Olympic sports, whether it is a connection through literature and film or simply the fun of poking new friends with foils!

Clean, safe equipment is provided. Opportunities to continue into competitive program offered at end of course.

Grades: 1-8

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Monday

Junior Achievement 

Students will learn entrepreneurial, philanthropic, collaboration and presentation skills. ​

Grades: 4-5

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Monday

Wilderness Survival

What would you do if you got lost in the woods? Come join Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers to find out! Learn how to build a shelter, start a fire, collect water, forage for food, navigate in the wilderness and more. Lots of hands-on lessons, videos, and outdoor exploration make this a great opportunity to have fund with your friends and learn the real world skills you could use in a back county or survival situation.

Students will learn entrepreneurial, philanthropic, collaboration and presentation skills. ​

Grades: 5-8

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Tuesday

Yoga & Mindfulness

Join us to exercise your body and brain with yoga, art projects, journaling, and meditation for focus, calm and positive thinking.

Grades: 3-5th and 4-8th

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Days: 6-8th grade on Tuesday, 3-5th grade on Thursday

Introduction to Self-Defense & Personal Protection 

Students will learn to set boundaries, deescalate tense situations, and protect themselves from various threats. Join us to discuss and explore conflict management, bullying and the use of "verbal judo" to deescalate a situation. Also learn easy and effective self defense techniques should deescalation fail. 


Some of the skills and tools students will learn include awareness; palm heel, elbow, knee strikes; basic self defense stance and how to easily block straight/hooking strikes; how to deal with being shoved/pushed; how to deal with a bully or verbal taunting and how to assist someone else being bullied; and escape & evade techniques.

Grades: 5-8

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Tuesday

Find Your Sport at Carbondale Rec Center 

Come explore a variety of sports at the Carbondale Rec Center. We'll spend some time on each of these activities: rock climbing, basketball, soccer and indoor hockey. Join us for some fun-filled sports activities on Tuesdays!


Parents - this class dismisses from the rec center; the students do not return to Ross after it has concluded at 4:45 pm. Please plan to pick up your child or to have them ride or walk home from the rec center each Tuesday.

Grades: 3-8th

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Tuesday

Chess Club

We will be exploring the fundamentals of chess and developing chess strategy, as well looking at chess openings

Grades: All

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Monday

Soccer Club

Come and join in on the fun! We are going to be playing soccer after school!  We’ll have small teams (depending on enrollment) and we’ll work  on developing and improving our skills. All experience and skill levels welcome!

Grades: 2-5th

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Thursday

Let Grow Play Club

Let play, let grow! Kids are the leaders in this after-school, participant-directed space. The instructor will be on hand for adult supervision (think lifeguard not coach) but the kids are running the show and doing whatever activities, games and free play they want. We’ll hang out at school or take off to area parks and open spaces to take advantage of the beautiful place we are fortunate to call home. Studies show the more active kids are, the better they do in school and on tests. They're also healthier. Turns out that when kids make their own fun, like playing tag, they actually get more exercise than at adult-led sports. And when they organize their own games, from basketball to make-believe, they "automatically" learn leadership and problem-solving. And they have fun, which means they want to participate in these character-building activities. Join us for “Let Grow Play Club” this fall!

Grades: 1-4th

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Days: Monday or Tuesday

Newspaper Club 

Learn what it takes to publish a regular newspaper!  We'll learn about the publishing business, deadlines, journalistic integrity and much more!  The news team will meet every other Thursday from 3:30 - 5:00 throughout the school year,  beginning on October 10. For grades 4-8.

Grades: 4-8

Dates: Every other Thursday, October 10 - December 19

Days: Thursday

Machine Sewing for Beginners

This class will start with the basics: Successfully thread the machine, the needle and the bobbin. Practice following simple patterns with and without thread. We'll also learn some hand sewing techniques. Once we have mastered the fundamentals, we'll make some fun projects that we'll choose in class.

Grades: 5-8th

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Days: Tuesday

Access AfterSchool is proud to offer afterschool enrichment classes to all middle school aged students in Carbondale, Colorado. 

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