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Wilderness Survival

What would you do if you got lost in the woods? Come join Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers to find out! Learn how to build a shelter, start a fire, collect water, forage for food, navigate in the wilderness and more. Lots of hands-on lessons, videos, and outdoor exploration make this a great opportunity to have fund with your friends and learn the real world skills you could use in a back county or survival situation.

Students will learn entrepreneurial, philanthropic, collaboration and presentation skills. ​

Grades: 5-8

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Wednesday

Creative Crafts

We will use a variety of materials to make a wide variety of craft projects such as robots, string art, wood burning, painting and many more. Come have some fun!!

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Days: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday

Cooking Through the Seasons 

We will be cooking recipes that are the tastes of Fall and Winter. Kids will learn knife skills, cooking safety and how to read recipes. Some of the recipes will include apples, pumpkins, maple flavors. The season of Fall also has football food, and holidays. The kids will cook and eat what they make and get all recipes.

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Monday


Learn fundamentals, skills, and play basketball. Open to all skill levels. 

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Monday 

Art Exploration

Everything is Art and Art is everything lets make the world pretty and have fun doing it. Expand on different medias and learn different techniques in an easy way that everyone enjoys themselves even if you don't think you are an artist.

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Science Club

We will decipher 5 major science topics: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Astronomy and STEM. We will learn about each of these topics by doing further research and conducting experiments. Join for an opportunity to have fun while you learn!

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Monday

Stretching and Destressing - Team Yoga

We will have fun learning the basics of yoga and mindfulness while helping to improve your balance, strength and confidence. Come and practice yoga in a fun and playful setting.

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Wednesday

One Canvas Each Week

Guided acrylic painting sessions. We will paint step-by-step to complete one canvas every two weeks using a variety of different materials and techniques.

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Days: Tuesday or Wednesday

Clay Club 

Clay club will offer students time to learn new techniques with clay such as building mugs, boxes, animals, and clocks. It will provide students time to explore their clay interests and 1:1 time with the instructor (Ms. Wagner) to fine-tune their skills.

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Tuesday

Intro to Cooking

Learn a new cooking technique each week while creating delicious seasonal dishes like smoothies, soups, breakfast foods, healthy snacks and more.

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Wednesday


Minecraft is an open-ended, creative and immersive game/activity that promotes teamwork, problem solving, and exposes students to collaborative and fun technology. Kids who use Minecraft are able to do things from team based competitions, to designing and building shelters and infrastructure, to art projects, to electrical circuits and automated systems based on computer logic.

Dates: October 7 - December 19

Day: Monday, Tuesday, OR Wednesday

Access AfterSchool is proud to offer after school enrichment classes for students in

Rifle, Colorado. 

Classes are held at: 

Rifle Middle School

53 Railroad Ave.

Rifle, CO 81650

Classes are open to all middle school aged students.

For questions or class suggestions please email:  Hailey Bird at hailey@accessafterschool.org 

Access AfterSchool provides high-quality enrichment programming to

approximately 1,300 students annually throughout Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle Counties.

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