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Spring 2020 Course List:

Registration for Spring 2020 (February 3 - April 17) is open!

Courses will continue to be added to this list as they are confirmed.

French Club

Learn the basic of the French language and discover the culture with a French native in a fun environment - A bientot!

Dates: February 3 - April 13

Day: Monday

Card Club

Join Card Club to learn new card games and play classic favorites. Each participant will receive their own deck of cards and together participants will determine what to play and learn throughout the semester. Upon completion of the course, in addition to the skills and tricks they will have learned, participants will get to keep their deck of cards!

Dates: February 6 - April 16

Days: Thursday

Film Study

Film study is a fun class where you get to watch movies and study how filmmakers create their movie magic. Watch classic '80s films and learn about various film and media techniques. Potential films: The Princess Bride, ET, Goonies.

Dates: February 4 - April 14

Day: Tuesday

Gaming Club 

Whether it be video games, board games, or cards all are welcome to join us after school for some gaming! Bring your Nintendo Switch, 3DS, board games, cards, or whatever you want to play and get ready for some competitive fun.

Dates: February 4 - April 14

Day: Tuesday

Safe Sitter - Babysitting Certification   

This class will make you a valued babysitter by all your clients. We will teach the importance of leadership, basic care including diaper changing and feeding, child behavior and discipline, professionalism, safety, choking, rescue breathing, and first aid. A must do for young babysitters wanting to become the best babysitter they can be! Fun and informative. Attendance and participation is required for all classes. Certificates will be provided for successful students.

Dates: February 4 - April 14

Day: Tuesday

Crafting Corner  

Join Ms. Sartor for a fun-filled journey into seasonal craft projects! We'll
learn new techniques and holiday-themed projects. Start building your
Pinterest boards now and bring your project ideas to class!

Dates: February 3 - April 13

Day: Monday

Murals & Beautiful Spaces

Let's add some style to GSMS!  Participants will have an opportunity to help make the space at GSMS beautiful -- from painting murals to hanging art pieces, students will be introduced to curating spaces for public display. Join Ms. Wilson and mural artist Nicole Westfall to leave your mark on GSMS!

Dates: February 4 - April 14

Day: Tuesday

Dungeons & Dragons Academy

In this course, participants will learn to play Dungeons & Dragons. They will participate in creative story building and creative writing activities that involve dynamic puzzles and problem solving. Join this creative outlet for all things fantasy!

Dates: February 3 - April 14

Day: Monday or Tuesday

Homework Help

Homework help is a class to help you academically in school. Have extra time with teachers to improve your understanding of class content and work on raising your grades. Extra humanities and writing support will be available on Tuesdays.

Dates: February 4 - April 14

Day: Tuesday

Homework Help + Math Booster

Homework help will provide academic support and a space to get work done. Spend extra time with teachers to improve your understanding of class content and work on raising your grades! Extra math help will be available on Thursdays.

Dates: February 6 - April 16

Day: Thursday

Cooking 101: Culinary Adventures

Explore the world through food! Each week, this course will learn about and prepare a different ethnic cuisine.

Dates: February 6 - April 16

Day: Thursday

Access AfterSchool is proud to offer afterschool enrichment classes to all middle school aged students in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 

Classes are held at: 

Glenwood Springs Middle School

120 Soccer Field Rd.

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Classes are open to all middle school aged students.

For questions or class suggestions please email:  Hailey Bird at hailey@accessafterschool.org 

Access AfterSchool provides high-quality enrichment programming to

approximately 1,300 students annually throughout Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle Counties.  

Call us:

(970) 281-KIDS (5437)

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