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  BoostCamp Summer 2022  

Each year, Access AfterSchool (Access) operates BoostCamp: a full-day, summer day program for youth in grades 1 - 5. The program includes activities designed to promote literacy, science skills, math skills, physical fitness, and creativity. BoostCamp is one of the only summer camps in the area, and serves as a vital resource for local families.

The overarching goals of BoostCamp are to ensure participants:

  • Are engaged in high-quality programming in a safe and healthy environment

  • Have the support they need to enter the upcoming school year prepared for success

  • Have opportunities to build positive relationships with fellow students, adult mentors and  community leaders, such as hospital, police and fire protection personnel.

100% of participants’ parents reported that their child looked forward to going to BoostCamp and 100% of parents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the program.  One parent said, “What an amazing program! We are so blessed to have this opportunity in the valley for our children.”

BoostCamp Rifle

BoostCamp-Rifle will be held at the Rifle Middle School. Dates are June 13 - July 22, 2022. Camp is Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 4:30.  Due to the generous support of the Colorado Health Foundation, there is no cost to families to attend BoostCamp Rifle, which includes meals, bus transportation to and from BoostCamp, t-shirt and all field trip and activity fees. 

During 2021, BoostCamp served 165 students, the highest number we’ve ever enrolled in its eleven year history! The program expanded by 15% since the previous summer and served youth across three school districts. Programming was extended from four to six-weeks, helping youth avoid the summer slide and engaging them in skill development for 50% longer than previous years.  Check out the video below for a view of BoostCamp from the students' perspective.

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