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Access AfterSchool's

BoostCamp 2019

During 2019, BoostCamp served 158 students, the highest number we’ve ever enrolled in its nine year history! The program expanded by 16% since 2018 and served youth across three school districts. Programming was extended from four to six-weeks, helping youth avoid the summer slide and engaging them in skill development and physical activity for 50% longer than previous years.  100% of participants’ parents reported that their child looked forward to going to BoostCamp and 100% of parents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the program.  70% of parents said their children were more active because of BoostCamp than they otherwise. A parent said: “Having BoostCamp be free of charge for 6 weeks was extremely helpful.  I love BoostCamp. As a single working parent it has been a lifesaver and eased some financial strain during the summer. AND it’s a blast!!! My daughter LOVES it!!! And loves the staff!!! Thank you, Colorado Health Foundation and Access AfterSchool!”

SecondShift 2019

SecondShift is a self-select program with varied class offerings at six schools from Rifle to Basalt.  It addresses health issues in a holistic way, offering opportunities for youth to engage in physical activity, creative arts, yoga & mindfulness, career explorations and much more.  An example is the Mountain Biking Club, which was held at five schools in fall 2019.  These clubs are open to any child of middle school age, with bikes and safety equipment provided to participants.  There is no cost to the families for this program.  The clubs meet twice a week at the schools and then they ride the local trails in small groups for 2.5 – 3 hours per session.  The instructor to student ratio is 1:5, allowing for peer interaction in small groups as well as mentoring opportunities with caring adults. 

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